Parents, say goodbye to your children texting and driving!

With smartphones becoming more prevalent year after year, parents are constantly facing new issues regarding their children's use. Most notably, distracting driving is at an all time high due to the incremental use of smartphones. GoPilot aims to solve each problem related to the issue to help put parents' minds at ease.

Parental Control Done Right

Location Tracking Services

Receive notifications whenever your child connects and disconnects from selected wifi signals. Parents can also select any location to receive customizable notifications when a child arrives and leaves the area.

No Texting and Driving

GoPilot will prevent your child from texting and driving. Gopilot diminishes the threat of distracted driving by blocking the use of apps and texting, as well as blocking select calls.

No Smartphone Distractions in School

With GoPilot's functionality, parents can make sure that their children are not playing around on social media or texting their friends while at school, church, etc.

GoPilot helps to solve the major issues surrounding young smartphone users, most notably by greatly diminishing smartphone usage behind the wheel, as well as in school, church, etc. GoPilot can also help parents save money on their children's car insurance expenditures, prevent costly data overages, and keep track of their children's whereabouts.

More Features

Easy to set up, easy to use!

GoPilot is a very user-friendly app, designed for the easiest control possible. We know that new apps can be confusing, but we did our best to make it a smooth learning process. With the Dashboard (left), parents can easily monitor multiple children.

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The best parental control app on the market.

Parents can finally KNOW that their children aren't illegally texting while driving, greatly diminishing the #1 cause of collision among young drivers.