Valuable features for every family!

  • No Texting and Driving

    GoPilot not only prevents texting while driving, but also blocks calls and apps too. So no more social media, YouTube, unexpected calls, texting, etc. while your child is driving.

  • Location Tracking

    Parents can keep a watchful eye on their children and receive notifications when they enter and leave selected areas or when they connect and disconnect with selected wifi.

  • Scheduling

    Parents can set up one-time or recurring schedules to automatically engage GoPilot.

  • Driver Log

    GoPilot data mines every trip made by the child, accumulating driving data that proves your child isn't texting and driving. We hope to bring our users a discount on their auto insurance by exchanging the aggregate driving data with their insurance provider.

  • Everyday Blocking of Individual Apps & Contacts

    GoPilot blocks only what you want it to block. So a parent could choose to block all social media and all phone calls when their child is at school.

  • Eliminate Data Overages

    With GoPilot, costly data overages can become a thing of the past. Parents can set up a one-time schedule, blocking select app, that ends at the start of the next billing date.

Everyday and Driving Presets

GoPilot comes with two separate customizable presets, one for the Everyday use and one for Driving Subscription. This conveniently allows Pilots to instill more moderate restrictions for day to day use and more aggressive restrictions when Copilots are behind the wheel.

Location Tracking Services

Through GoPilot, parents will have the ability to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times.
In our maps feature, parents can drop a radius around specific locations (such as a school campus) and receive notifications when their children enter and leave the selected area.
You can also save specific wifi signals to receive notifications when your children connect and disconnect to/from the wifi.

User Friendly Dashboard

GoPilot's complex functionality can seem a little intimidating at first, but rest assured! We built this app to not only be easy to use and navigate, but also easy to learn.